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Cages Cages
by Jan Sand
2021-10-02 09:05:00
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There is probably no way to puzzle into that dismay
I must have felt when pulled to the light of day.
Being born, the shocks of light, of sound, necessities to suck in air,
When just moments before, within that soft warm safe lair
All was provided for. Nothing missed, all needs as demanded
Were totally fulfilled in every way, as commanded.
Small wonder that newborns scream as they emerge, screams of fright,
Screams of fury as they lose complete security and dreamless night.
The mind assaults of blasts of light, blows of explosive noise
Must now be recognized as signals which the curiosity employs
To shape reality, transfigures chaos into structures, format,
Build a universe of formed dimensions to discover where one’s at.
No doubt assembly out of novelty to know is excruciating, slow.
Much to try, identify. make mistakes, deny, have victories as things go.
But kids have tricks to parse the mix. Are quick to sort the sounds and shapes,
Profusions of confusions evoking originalities, brings out the jackanapes.
Illuminates the unexpected into the complex that forms the bones of intellect
So thus, scrap by scrap, thread by thread a mind is formulated by this respect.
Rather rapidly, within mere tumbling hours, days and months of a few years
The inner self assembles its cage of reality as a lifelong habitat to wall off fears.
Cages are two way affairs. The gifts of safety are bestowed with disturbing limitations.
The monsters fended off by bars obscures the universe of stars, of odd manifestations
Of the secret mysteries that slip and slide through fundamentals of all essentials.
No one mind receives, perceives, believes, embraces all traces of natural potentials.
The encapsulating cage may fend off rages of destruction eruptive coruscations of elations,
Disguise the guise of unexpected integrations, interpenetrations of wild alien informations
That could bring to heel, reveal the clever perverse mischiefs of the universe in its essential concept
To oppose all enterprise, all surmise to achieve success by manipulating where and how we are inept.
Cages may protect but also imprison possibilities, deter both disaster and enchain the visions to be free.
Rigidities of thought fabricate bars that block the stars, blur the clarities, distort the capability to see,
Landscapes of our understandings now display a sterile Lunar territory littered with the empty cages.
To block comprehensions, distorting dimensions, vastness of realities, unexplored where mind rages.



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