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Tongue Tied Tongue Tied
by Jan Sand
2022-04-21 06:48:29
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Herding words to perform tricks,
Acrobatics into ballads, rhymes
That twinkle into good times
Or vocal thunders of the wonders
Out of an angry psyche, or perhaps
Chagrin of a grin of consonants that spin
The lacks of linguistic qualities into
What cracks of frustrations of the tongue,
Can meander through the thistles of epistles
That declaim and blame and shame the world
Which, might avail to twitch its tail or rail
Against the commonplace of not to face
The obvious insanities of the human race.
The error to displace fundamental thought
With fanatical grammatical enticements barely
Face that thinking is not a parade of alphabetics.
The universe of mind entails qualities where language fails,
A place to trace great overtones of sight and sound, feelings
That slip like snakes into the underbrush of all sensation
Where fails the consciousness to follow secret trails.
You cannot catch a color such as red which can bleed
Or roar with fire tornadoes in the Sun or suppose a rose.
Language languishes in weak frustration faced with furious reality.
Language might faintly reflect an astounding effect but never, never
Never contain the torrents gushing moment to moment out of time.


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