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The Function Filter The Function Filter
by Jan Sand
2021-09-25 09:50:52
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Human history is rife in speculation to explain
The inherent logic of the forms of life
That dominate our world – how it could be
Every living thing we see works so well
Within  the torrents of disaster ready to kill
The ineffective mistakes creation makes.
Tergiversation dominates this stormy era where
We split infinities into infinitesimals to confuse
And justify, to amuse the thugs now in control
Of our decisive determination to obliterate ourselves.
This world is welded into totalities that, if split,
Can crack open massive fissures wounding
Functional necessities to bleed away integrities
That hold the whole of functionalities compact into utility.
This fragile ship we sail in quadruple dimensionality
To spiral around our star transmogrifies itself in ways
We cannot withstand if we refuse to recognize our limitations.
This universe is merciless to fools addicted to antique traditions.
There is no negative intent in death but to eliminate disdain
For the filter of the pragmatic which cannot tolerate the dysfunctional.
We either conform to this discipline or vanish with the dinosaurs.



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