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The Numbers Game The Numbers Game
by Jan Sand
2021-09-12 09:58:39
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The numbers
One and two and three,
Small steps towards infinity,
Where imagination crashes
And the universe falls to ashes.
They have disturbing connections
To reality,
numb000001_400This one one sees,
The one of Sun,
The other one of Moon,
Relates in intricacies
To all the many many mes.
There are pathways in my thoughts
Disobedient to musts and oughts,
Unruly to necessities of ones and twos and threes,
Searching hidden locks with keys
To wildnesses of what might bes.
The me of wakening to day
Fresh from dreams
Fabricated not, of what seems,
But rife with life with its own way,
Furious with things to say.
Evening, of course, has other means.
Computations come in streams
Demanding this, commanding that,
Squeezing universes flat
And plagued with parasitic memes.
Numbers can, with proper training,
Dance with chance – quite entertaining!
But elegance requires care
Fractious fractions can despair,
And land you damned near anywhere.
Numbers can bite, render and swear.
So watch it when the digits swirl.
Court them like a pretty girl.
Their handle on reality
May be difficult to see
And, at times it’s not there.
Numbers don’t always play fair.
The things we touch, the things we see
Are frequently elusive, strange.
Composed of thoughts out of range.
Numbers can be set to bark
When mysteries are in the dark.
Realities are fabrications
Festooned with vague approximations.
But numbers, sometimes, hit the mark.
So computations perambulate
Where pedestrians, equestrians
Have no gait, stumble and hesitate.
Numerical abstractions can supply
What’s missing from the blinking eye
And often rigors with the figures
Catch the fish worth the fry.

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