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inSite inSite
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2021-08-24 08:17:35
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Helsinki Art Ensemble, a collective of international and multidisciplinary artists, will be carrying out a series of free public space performances in Töölö and Ruoholahti at the end of August. This newly formed collective has been working on their first performance project, inSite, throughout the summer. inSite is a series of public space performances that set out to investigate how we can relate to our own city, and how the city opens up as a multisensorial experience if we start interacting with it through our body, movement and touch. The knowledge they are after is: What is my space in the city? What is my role in the collective experience of the city? How do we experience the same physical space differently through our bodies, and what is the significance of it?

insite001_400The work is based on performance- and movement artist Anna Olkinuora’s ongoing artistic research into the experiential public space. In simpler terms, Anna is interested in how the same physical space, for example a park, a market square, or the buildings around us, is experienced very differently by different people.

The other members of the collective are Majella Clarke, a conductor, composer and sound artist, Virpi Velin a photographer and performing artist and Hosanna Megumi, an actor and voice over artist.

The group has been meeting throughout the summer, finding and exploring locations in the city of Helsinki through dancing, creating music, and spoken word. They have been trying to find new ways of being in the city, new perspectives to the city that we are so familiar with. Their project aims to create new uses for spaces through their art.

The performances happen in two locations: Ruoholahti and Töölö. The audience is asked to bring their phones and headphones, as the sound landscape of the performance is shared to the audience through a QR-code.


Performance dates:

Thu 26.8. At 19:00 in Ruoholahti
Fri 27.8. At 19:00 in Ruoholahti
Sat 28.9 At 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00 in Töölö

The performances are free, but registration is needed. Please contact a.olkinuora@gmail.com to register for the event.


inSite is supported by Svenska Kulturfonden.
inSite Photo - Photographer Anni Taponen

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