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The Silent Earth The Silent Earth
by Nikos Laios
2021-08-22 08:31:15
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The purring cat
Curled up on a
Corner of a wooden
Windowsill as the snow
Fell and the streets
Were silent and white.

farmland_400Cold young hands
Were warmed by wise
Old hands over crackling fires
In stone hearths and the
Grandmothers throughout
The land held court
Recounting tales and stories,
Myths and legends,
Passing down wisdom
To the generations.

The wind howled
And battered stone
And wooden buildings
Creaking under
The weight
Of winter.

The earth
Was silent
And everyone
Listened to
Its beating heart
Those that
Had passed
From the

They wondered
How the world
Had changed,
And whether
We will return
To our former

Love songs
Played from
Old radios,
Couples embraced
And past lovers
Were remembered
With fondness.

The earth listened
To the human heart
And lived in hope
That tomorrow
Will be a better day,
As the cat slept
And purred
On a corner
Window sill
Over a crackling
Fire oblivious
To it all
And the
Silent earth.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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