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Sole Collection Sole Collection
by Saloni Kaul
2021-08-20 06:37:29
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Wild flurries of impressions whizzing by like delegates,
Soak in, mind drinks in potent emotion for two.
How these all knit themselves together in neat aggregates,
Where when and how, but penetrating somehow they all do!
With all the additives, accumulations,
These weigh one down, heavy on scale as a collection’s reach;
Message burdens aimed, meant oblique, like compilations,
Take on sense of their own, above intent of each.
Like wise man lets go of emotional residues
To then elaborate chart of man’s role, his fate,
Like lover and loved one pile up emotions’ cues                        
Till moment’s right their love explicitly to state.
Such is life’s rhythm, like love’s playful tease.
Each sole collection’s patterned so only to seek release.



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