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The Afghan dysfunction disillusionism The Afghan dysfunction disillusionism
by Thanos Kalamidas
2021-08-18 09:32:03
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The pictures and the videos from Afghanistan with all the social media calls for help –especially from Afghan women, are undoubtedly devastating. But what all these socking photographs, videos and calls hide is the fact that Afghanistan was heading there ...just in a more accommodating to our conscious pace.

afgwom0001_400Afghanistan war evolved into a very expensive mission, actually a financial disaster that started for all the wrong reason in a very difficult financial period for the west. Consequently Joe Biden, among most of the western leaders, ironically put American economy first and left Afghan women behind.

The Taliban with all their Kalashnikov, bombs, pseudo-religion fanatisms and attitude were there all this time, long before Bin Laden and they never disappeared from the scene. Unchanged the last forty years played hide and seek with Russian, Americans and a variety of allies but they were never buried, vanished. Neither their ideas towards women –for example, was ever hidden.

So when conman Trump –till five months ago US president, was ready to invite the Taliban leadership in the White House to celebrate the “peaceful” handover of Afghanistan -and of course the Afghan women, the Taliban hadn’t changed a bit from what and how we knew them. On the contrary, even while negotiating with US and allies they never felt shy widely declaring what they were going to do as soon as they would take over the country including their open hatred for the western ‘liberal’ unfaithful ideas.

USA and allies were ready to swallow anything as long this money bleeding would stop and that was all they cared about. Women rights, education right, freedom of speech had no real place in these talks. Less than two weeks ago, the Greek far-right PM Kyriakos ‘Koulis’ Mitsotakis, of course supported from the xenophobes Hungarian Victor Orbán and Polish Mateusz Morawiecki, asked EU for the Union to declare Afghanistan safe and ‘democratic’ so Afghan refuges and asylum seekers would return. Including women and children refugees and asylum seekers.

I mean look at Afghanistan in the middle of a pandemic that has spread fear and death all around the world. Only the 0.6% of the population has been fully vaccinated and as you can imagine this 0.6% are government members, high standing civil servants, army, collaborators and police high command, their families, close relatives and friends. This is while UK has triple amount of vaccines than needed and USA could spare a few millions; plenty to spare for the poeple of Afghanistan. Did they do it? 0.6% speaks for itself! That in combination with the talks with the Taliban for a ‘peaceful’ handover, this is another sign of how much they cared about the …Afghan women.

I’m sorry for my cynicism but USA and allies, even neighboring and friendly Pakistan, never saw Afghanistan like a place in humanity to help, they looked at it like 18th century colonialists regretting a bad investment and ready to run away.

A dysfunctional investment from its beginnings and time to disillusionaly get out of it to save more loses.


And things are getting even “better”; all western nations after worrying so much about Afghan women, their rights and their future now they turned into worrying about afghan …refugees talking about ...invasion, illegal immigrants etc.

West loves, empathises, worries and supports Afghan women as long they stay in …Afghanistan and don't come ...here!

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