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Orange & Blue Orange & Blue
by Nikos Laios
2021-08-17 08:22:40
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I swam in the orange
And bathed in the blue,
The warm colours melting
Over the trees and promenades
On a hot stinking day.

blue_dream_400I walked down the street
And a butterfly followed me
Fluttering in circles around me;
I kept on walking and it
Followed me home.

I sat on the front porch
And smashed walnuts,
And the nuts spilled out
Of the shells like brains.

The newspaper boy
Rode past on his bike
Throwing a newspaper
And it smashed into the fence,
And I kept on smashing walnuts.

The newspaper was getting
Soaked wet by the sprinkler
Alone on the grass and I watched it
As it slowly curled and decayed.

I sat there reclining on
The porch with the orange
Sun and blue sky melting
Over the hot day with the
Butterfly fluttering over rose bushes,
The sprinkler hissing and splashing
The green grass and the soaked newspaper,
And the nuts spilling out the
Smashed walnuts
Like brains.

I was completely
Absorbed in that moment
And nothing else mattered,
And I wondered how many
Moments like these I had missed
Rushing through the days.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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