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I wasted my whole life I wasted my whole life
by Amir Khatib
2021-08-16 08:44:34
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 I hate the clock and can't stand hearing its ticking.
 I disable it
 Or eviscerate her...
 With this I lost my life!
 I searched for it between my fingers,
 Under my nails soot of ink,
 in bookshelves,
 prevalent words and verbs,
 In the chaos of lines and colors,
 In my pockets full of keys,
 Under the pillow, another pillow,
 In the collective mirror lives I don't know,
 Perhaps hanging on the rail under my broadcloth,
 I fell on the shore,
 Or I forgot her on the grass,
 Perhaps the crows caught it digging up the field!



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