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Democracy's Confounding Quandary And a Cup of Coffee Democracy's Confounding Quandary And a Cup of Coffee
by Leah Sellers
2021-08-15 09:11:10
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“That's right, you cocka'mamie Liberal ! It is my Constitutional Right to Bear Arms to Protect MySelf and my Family !"
“I want to legally carry around a Concealed Gun ! I have a Right to !”
dem0001_400_01“I want to Open Carry my Pistol in a holster out in Public Everywhere - including Church ! I have a Right to !”
“And it is my Medical Right Not to get a Covid Vaccine to Protect MySelf or Others from All of the Covid Strains for whatever Reasons I Choose, because I am a Free Person, an Individual in the deeply Divided States of America !”
“And it is my Medical Right Not to wear a gol’durned Mask to Protect MySelf or Others from All of the Covid Strains, because I Choose Not to no matter what the dad-blamed CDC and other Medical Scientists and Doctors have to say about it ! I am a Free Individual ! It‘s my Right to Do what I Choose !”
“In both cases it is my Right as a Citizen of the Divided States of America to selfishly bring about the Harm, Maiming or Death to Others if I so Choose !”
“So Don’t you Tread on Me ! I have a Choice to let Fear and Death Rule the Day ! I am Free to Protect MySelf and Others, and Free Not to Protect MySelf and Others !”
“Now, that’s Real Freedom ! And just like King Don Trumpty said, “We’ll just leave the rest to him !”
“Well, sir, this ole Liberal is Not gonna’ leave it to Democracy Killer Humpty, Dumpty, Trumpty ! Nor to the Darwinian Culling Energies that fool unleashed upon us all ! We, who truly want what’s best for All of We the People intend to Rely upon the Honorable and Compassionate Folks like Reverend Barber, Beto and Willie !
“To our present Honorable and Knowledgeable President and Vice President, Biden and Harris ! Who have a lot on their plates to Fix in this Great Nation of Ours and abroad !”
“To the Texas Democrats struggling to Protect the Voting Rights of every American from the Systemic Shenanigans of the Republicans who are putting into Law their ability to overturn everybody’s Vote on a whim if they don’t like the results through political hijinks and gerrymanderin‘, and makin’ it harder Paper-Workwise and Hoofin’ it to the Pollwise for Folks to even cast their Votes legally or properly ! The Republicans are busy makin’ Rules for the Rules in order to UnDo the Democratic Rules that Protect and Serve All of We the
People !”
“Now, just how is All of that Freedom or Justice or Equality for All ?!”
“And while folks like yourself are goin’ on and on about your Rights to Harm, Maim or bring Death to Others, and possibly YourSelves with your Guns and your Just Sayin’ No to All Covid Vaccines and Wearin‘ somethin‘ as simple as a Mask, when Covid is a nasty Viral Bug-a-boo hungry for Carriers and Hosts to infect while doin’ all of the Harmin’, Maiimin’ and Killin’ it can get away with, are bein’ Dis-tracted from the Facts about our Votin’ Rights Bein’ stripped away form us All, and the Mass Evictions headed like a Mack truck toward millions of Americans after July 30th !”
“Why, another one of Our Nation’s Congress Lady’s is sleepin’ out on the steps of the Washington D.C. Capitol building with some other Brave Folks to bring attention to the fact that We the People can’t Do that to so many Folks in the middle of a Pandemic ! We are guaranteeing Pain and Suffering throughout the Land ! And Pain and Suffering almost always bring about Chaos, and that plays into the Insurrectionist King Trumpty’s and his Minions and Henchmen’s and trigger-happy, disgruntled para-military groups Game
plans !”
"Wake up, America ! Wake up you selfish, pig-headed Not-Really-Free Individualists !”
“Listen fella’. Freedom of Choice leading toward Dis-ease and Death is definitely a limit to the rest of your Choices. Scientific and Knowledgeable Choices toward Life and Livin’ longer opens up a myriad Choices for EveryBody."
“King Trumpty shamefully forced Us to betray and leave the Kurds behind to be mutilated by our mutual enemies. And now that we’re more fully pulling out, when we should never have been involved in that Oil War, made to look like a War over somethin’ else entirely, to begin with, we’re leaving behind hundreds of Interpreters and others who helped Us during the War to the UnMerciful and Mutilating Hearts and Hands of the Taliban ! “
“The Taliban are ruthless and brutal Authoritarian, bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic power hungry UnMercifuls !”
“Why, the Taliban is overrunning and punishing and killing their own Afghan civilians in the name of God, and there is nothing Godly about it. It’s just a bunch of Power hungry and Mis-led Men taking advantage of their own and abusing the Power they are wresting away from the Afghani government !”
“We’re losin’ Our Face and Our Minds all over the place due to Our Ugly American Dis-ease brought to full Life by symptomatic Mad King Trumpty and those of his ilk, and his Republican-Hitlerian Club Haus of Fascists !”
“History repeats itself, it just always looks a little different every time it spirals through. And We Human Bein‘s keep makin‘ the same Mis-takes when it does. When will We ever Learn ?!”
“And, you sir, are callin’ me cocka’mamie for tryin’ to help Others, like yourself, to Wake Up so that We the People can all come Together to help Fix it All, before we lose the precious Democracy We have All, in one way or another, taken for granted for far too long !”
“What does all of what you just said have to do with me refusin’ to wear a Mask or get a Needle poked into my arm ? Are you afraid I’ll shoot the Doc with my concealed Pistol for Hurtin’ me or sue him and have him Evicted from his office along with everybody else ? And I don‘t give one ding-dong-dang for what‘s goin‘ on anywhere else or what the Taliban may or may not be doin‘ !” the Right-Winger asked and announced forcefully ?!
“Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy ! Save Us All from Democracy’s Confounding Quandary !” the exasperated Liberal exclaimed ! How in the World can We Save OurSelves from Ourselves ?!”
She paused. “Sir, can I buy you a Cup of Coffee at a Drive-thru somewhere ? I’ll wear my Mask and No Gun, and you can be Maskless and keep your Concealed Gun on you. And I’ll make no mention of the Taliban and the folks they are slaughterin', pillagin’ and rapin’ by the day. I’d just like to Talk, Sir. Get to Know and Understand you better. Just, please, promise me that you won’t shoot anyone while we’re sippin’ on a Cup of Java Together,” she said with a sideways grin beneath her Mask.
“I think I can manage that,” the Maskless Man said with his own sideways grin. “I like my Coffee black.”
“And I like one cream in mine. Ha ! Why am I not surprised ?” But We both like a good Cup of Coffee and that’s a start.”


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