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The Perfumed Bed
by Linda Lane
2007-09-01 09:23:18
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Every night one of my married friends visits and sleeps on my living room sofa. Sure they are travelers for one reason or another but what gets me is that when I was rich before the dotcom crash I bought a special sofa just for the purpose of visitors being able to sleep on it. The camel colored metro FlexSteel was on sale for $700 and with the matching chair for total around $1000 -- I had a nice set up.

Trouble was only once or twice did anyone actually sleep on that perfect sofa. Visitors preferred my second bedroom with a huge queen bed or the floor mattress. That sofa was not only smooth sleeping it was 6 ft long - that's why it isn't here, we could not get it into this tiny flat without taking a window out. I miss having the extra room and queen bed, I sleep on a twin bed these days, moved close to the wall with my arms and legs hanging over the edge.

But now that I have a special sofa, a short, discarded, $50 to move cat-piss-enhanced sofa; it's everyone's notion of the W Hotel. "It's so comfortable, thanks!" said one recent visitor. "At least you have this comfortable sofa for me to sleep on," said another friend. There's no problem with the Proverbs here -- "Say to wisdom, "You are my sister," and call understanding your intimate friend; I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon." Well, sort of...

I believe that because this sofa arrived "pre-damaged" it is popular, and suits predisposed standards for ratty, lumpy, flop house sleeping on the road. It's old, with a Western American Indian design over the entire thing, something I would not buy unless out of sheer need - and who can question that lovely wafting perfume d'felino which appears at odd intervals and will not be silenced.

The other sofa was a designer special - good looks, great support, but too precious (because new and clean) this one has a charm befitting its use - really no harm can come to it -- it is already a reject = perfect!

Now for some trailer park furniture with dog chewed corners and thin, coffee stained, worn-through country-western fabrics, I'll have visitors night and day!!!

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