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Without Compromise Without Compromise
by Amir Khatib
2022-02-21 08:00:25
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without compromise,
 I can give up drawing and writing,
 I fast forever,
 I don't move a bone,
 I don't budge the dirt,
 hold my breath,
 I don't say a word,
 stop thinking
 In reality and beyond,
 give up travel
 Searching for history among the ruins,
 stop drinking alcohol,
 and ascend to the gods,
 I don't take a book or pens with me.
 I stop listening to the music,
 Although this is more than the torment of the grave,
 I leave my elegant clothes hanging,
 I don't forget to close the closet door as usual.
 I don't regret anything,
 I seek nothing,
 But I won't give up on keeping my memory,
 Just my memory!
 No matter how deep and dark the grave,
 I will remember every sun that shines,
 And every setting sun,
 Every night I stayed up under the country sky
 decorated with stars,
 I just remember my mother, my father and my brothers.
 and some friends,
 I remember some poems and read them silently,
 Perhaps sarcastic speeches would bring joy to the place,
 But I will surely remember the train,
 whose voice muffled the panting of my bride in the narrow bed,
 His wheels were hesitating on the tracks
 Harmonize and resonate together,
 I wish I remember every kiss,
 Where did you pick it up?
 How slow I was to unbutton my shirt,
 Ah, there are my dead.



The painting is Amir Khatib's creation.

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