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Wisely On Each Season Wisely On Each Season
by Saloni Kaul
2021-08-05 07:13:44
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Advice comes from the most unlikely quarters terse.
Heed it only when you’ve assessed all inputs fed!
Balaam who was all out to hurl a curse
Soon changed his mind, issued a blessing kind instead;
Making sense of sparse wellbred words of wisdom
Spouting from none other than his donkey heehawing.
You, your concerns keen practical, sans animal kingdoms,
Would do well to spot betterdressed speechfounts less cowtowing.
Should gracious noble hands hand you on salvers gifts,
Method toughest, whereas roughmannered’s ways easy;
May you your options with subtle measured proportion sift,
Choose wisely what’s tailored to suit, dry wit or greasy.
When auspicious-suspect vie for hand of reason,
Season your temperament to best suit the season.



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