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by David Sparenberg
2021-08-01 07:15:03
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The stone the tree the water the stone the tree the water:

Waterstone stone emergent from spiritual waters the stone that nests radiant (a gleam-stone) and pregnant in sentient bough of cosmic tree the stone there held in amorous roots eco-Sophia like a metamorphic egg clutched in talons tight of a mothering eagle

parac0001_400Stone of yes stone of truth stone of power power is perilous in the mortal state of secret arts howsoever you look even thus the powers of time and timelessness of folded seams and hallowed space attentively keep watch on you …rituals of appeasement ritually correcting flaws… rituals of attunement untwisting what is twisted making truth upright again

Mystic stone mythic stone of deep-down doing lapis touchstone of esoteric wisdom foundational here atop this circular stone the king (symbolizing wealth or poverty of land of the kingdom) shall ascend upon this stone the gleeman bard on the testing road to self-realization constructs an altar to the eternal journey confesses to Sapientia conveying a traveler’s blessing

TREE tree at the navel tree at center axis mundi Earth-tree with aura the tree of life souls in ripening clusters clinging to branches sainted with fire like delicate fruits of pitted cherries succulent the seeded apricots figs of identity feeding discourses of divinity clothing adventure pilgrimage and passage with elegant fig leaves Tree of Life miraculous and four rivers flowing pulsing from the garden in the east of setting out and wending ‘round and ‘round to reach return

TREE tree that is all that is holds and that can happen across cultures across generations here in the sublunar sphere inverted tree Ark of agreement outcry and spiritual foundation the tree instructs in processes of connectedness stature webwork the shadow too of what is woven wounded and what can be

The waters gushing bubbling flowing forth from genesis and sustaining throughout dimensions realms the tinctures and this is the elixir bath of rebirthing where queen and king purified together are readied out of the husks of separation for holy union sacred waters evermore colorless passing in and passing out of astronomical vessels of colored glass (my laboratory vegetates and becomes to me my temple of science a holy of holies verged on chaos this cluttered place) what is soft and without interruption wears away what is bound and hard this constant changing as motion-perpetual water is motion perpetual water bestowing conditional necessity of life …purity quenching rejuvenating crusted existence

To discover/recover the self on the way that meanders amid the tides of empathy in river courses on waterways is nothing less than to cup an individual gleam in a swirling twinkling stream water gravitational from mountain glaciers water into still-life lakes and ponds and pools from waterfalls as if lamentations of a nymph or liquescent goddess everything is provided in readiness ripening or ripened a cure for each for every ailment and affliction to the living who can feel and see and listen life ends where there is no water the dying agonies in their drying out a plague of draught the breathlessness of moist-less mouths eroded soil-dust the parched and crackled lips of death to fish amphibians and those thirst stricken skin near desiccation is far the worst

With these three magi elemental guides and totem guardians the stone the tree the water the stone the tree the water a dedicated and vigilant alchemic-doctor broods meditates strains and strives fasts dreams and labors; the ascended master after probing comes to have an eye-wide moment seeing and envisioning essence records well calculated formulas causes and cures for Earth magnificent and pitiful (if harsh) in fever and in childbirth

OPUS ALCHYMICUM ancestral navigation cosmology primal light in first of night terrestrial daydreams chthonic nightmares mired in half formations convulsed frozen assisting nature in natural passion lumen naturea“to act in the light of nature and to rejoice in it is divine despite being mortal”—for liberation (from the unexamined life) beatitude (lifting nature ever higher into natural heights) perfection. The stone lapis philosophorum the tree flame tree with branches tipped with flames the water aqua vita ….

*The title given by Jung to a couple of lectures on Paracelsus, legendary Swiss physician, alchemist, and natural philosopher.

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