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Blue Rhapsody Blue Rhapsody
by Nikos Laios
2021-07-30 09:49:30
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Everything blue,
My soul blue,
The sky blue,
The rivers and oceans blue,
The centre of the world blue
Filled with deep subterranean rivers
That run under the earth's crust coursing like
Veins slowly crushing rocks to dust
Over centuries and the Millenia.

blue_depths_400I see a small
Abandoned rocking horse
On the side of the road
Outside an abandoned house
On a freezing night in the howling wind
And I see blue.

Echoes of voices
Long gone in a blue home
With the creaking doors
And broken windows covered
In spider webs and layers
Of dust thick on the floors.

I hear Gershwin's
'Rhapsody in Blue'
Crackling from an old record
As I look through the cracks
Of a worn Venetian blind
At the millions of lights
Flickering from steel
And cement apartment blocks
Illuminating blue homes
In a blue city.

I bite my lip
As I remember
How it felt when
You stained my lips
Red with your kisses
And filled my soul
With the radiance
Of your warmth
Like the sun
Yellow and bright.

I recline back
Into my couch,
Run my fingers
Through my hair
Listening to Gershwin
With the silent television screen
Glowing as the Ice cubes
Slowly crack in the scotch glass,
My eyes closed swimming in
A rhapsody of blue.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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