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Aegean Night Aegean Night
by Nikos Laios
2021-07-24 10:01:39
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I will take you
On a journey
With me.

aegean__night_400The wind will fill
My sails and i will
Travel far and wide;
I will see much
And feel much,
And I will share
It all with you.

We shall sail
Under the magic
Of an Aegean night,
Under the countless
Twinkling stars and
Constellations that have
Inspired the many
Of dreamers who
Have gazed up
In awe and wonder
At the same stars
That you and I
Will gaze upon.

Of sailors
And adventures,
Sirens and nymphs,
Gods and Goddesses,
Poets and painters,
Myths of love and glory
And of far away mystical lands.

The morning
Comes and we shall
Rise up with the sun
And swim in the sea
And play and frolic
Like innocent children,
And the sunlight will melt
On our warm closed eyelids
And the gentle sea breeze
Will brush our salt-encrusted
Bronzed coconut-scented skin.

The day passes languidly
And the evening comes,
And the orange sunset
Drips on the horizon
And the wine-dark sea
Like a broken egg yoke,
And the white cubed
Cycladic buildings
Cling to the caldera
Over the sea below
As they too pay homage,
Transfixed by the silent
Majesty of a Santorini

I shall take you
On a journey
With me,
And we shall
Hold each other
Tenderly as we
Sail under
The magic of
An Aegean night.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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