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Jewish stereotypes in the Arab world Jewish stereotypes in the Arab world
by Joseph Gatt
2021-07-20 08:48:08
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The best way to find out how the Jews are fantasized around the Arab world is by looking at fake social media accounts held by Muslims and Arabs who pretend to be Jews.

Those profiles exist, and they are a gold mine of information on how the Jews are perceived (or imagined) in the Arab world.

So here are the trends:

stereot0001_400-The global Jewish population is huge. Truth is, there are only around 14 million Jews around the world, and, to give you a sense of proportions, there are 10 times more people in Bangladesh than there are Jews around the world. To give you another sense of proportions, the for every 240 Muslims, there is one Jew.

Yet, around the Arab world, there is the prevalent belief that there are as many Jews as there are Muslims around the world. And that Jews are everywhere, but they hide their identity. So, Arabs have the prevalent belief that in the Arab world your grocer could be a Jew, your plumber could be a Jew, your teacher could be a Jew, your colleague could be a Jew and so on. Honey, there are no Jews left in the Arab world!  

-Jews are “repugnant”. Prevalent stereotype.

The stereotype goes like this: the Jews have lots of money. But they don't shower, they eat lots of very sugary, deep-fried or very fatty food. Jewish food is filled with honey and fat. And Jewish food is the kind that would challenge any stomach. Because that's what rich people eat.

The stereotype also goes like this: the Jews are fat and “ugly” and arrogant and have a defying and mean look on their face. The Jews have that “mean” and arrogant stare. And they are often very “ugly.”

The stereotype also goes like this: Jewish girls are fat, “ugly”, mean-spirited, cheap in their makeup and fashion choices, but lewd and seductive.

This is the image fake Facebook profiles broadcast when it comes to Jewish people. Of course, it's all fantasy. Jewish girls are a lot prettier and more refined than that!

-The Jews “insult” Muslims and challenge Muslims into honor fights and tribal fights

Now I understand why Muslims like to challenge me into tribal debates, the kind of debates I'm not interested in.

Those fake profiles often like to start flame wars with Muslims. Not about politics, not even about religion. Just plain old racist fights. “Screw you dirty Jew!” and “up yours Muslim”. Those ridiculous fights.

-The Jews are trying to assert their superiority, not trying to make friends

Those fake profiles often have nothing but Muslim friends.

And the profile owners often assert Jewish superiority, and make zero efforts and trying to be friendly with their community of friends. Actually, in some cases, if a Muslim becomes too friendly, the owner of the “fake Jewish” profile will kick that friendly Muslim out.

-The Jews are mysterious, like to tease, like sarcasm, but never answer questions directly or clarify anything

When asked questions by Muslims, those fake profiles will either use silence, or tease, or use sarcasm. But never provide clear and well-researched answers.

-Of course, lots of religious misunderstandings

Common misunderstanding: Shabbat is like Ramadan, a day of fasting. Basically many Muslims think Shabbat is a day when you can't eat or drink, but when you can post stuff online. It's the other way around!

There are other religious misunderstandings, including the use of public Jewish prayer. In Islam or even Christianity, public prayer and religious quotes are common. In Judaism, you don't pray on Facebook (that's usually how it works).

This kind of sums up Jewish stereotypes around the Arab world.

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