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The Texas Democrats are Standing Their Ground For the Sake of America's Democracy ! The Texas Democrats are Standing Their Ground For the Sake of America's Democracy !
by Leah Sellers
2021-07-18 10:00:13
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“That’s right, Hank. You heard me. I say Halleluiah and Praise the Lord for the Democratic Legislators of Texas, ‘cause not only are they tryin’ to save Texas from the Dis-eased Trumpian clutches of Power Mongers like our Republican Governor Gregg Abbott and his Republican henchmen like Dan Patrick, but they are attemptin’ to stop the Power Play of the governor’s forced down our throats Quarum needed to vote his Anti-Votin’ Laws into Bein’ ! They have stopped that Koo-Koo For Cocoa Puffs bunch of Trumpian Sicko-Fantic Democracy Killers in their tracks by flyin’ off to Washington D.C. to plead for our State and America’s Sacred Votin’ Rights as a whole !”
txsde0001_400“Maybelle, every time I find you contermplatin’ in the Chicken Coup I have come to expect the ruminatin’ Un-expected from you, Gal,” Hank sighed as he sat down on a nearby bale of hay.
Maybelle always kept a couple of hay bales in the Chicken Coup for days when she felt like escapin’ the house, and everyone else in general, so that she could think her own thoughts amongst the sweet clucks and coos of her Beloved Chickens.
“Maybelle, Honey, I Voted for Gregg Abbott. I know that you disapprove of him, but he is the governor of our fair State. He’s supposed to be headin’ up the Texas Congress and all of their Doin’s,” Hank continued.
“Harumph ! I never cared much for the Rich Man’s Control Seekin’ policies of the Republicans, but at least I used to Respect many of their Ways and Means of gettin’ things done. But now, now they have ruined themselves with their “Yes, Mein Fuehrer Ways and Means as they kow-tow to that Crazy-Makin’, Cheatin’, Flim Flam Man and his Selfish Needy Greeds, Fears, Anger and Hatreds !”
“Hank, the Trumpian acolytes, and their disgruntled Para-Military Civilian Troops, their fellow Insurrectionists, their Dis-informed and Mis-informed Followers and Worshippers, and the Rich Man Coalition runnin’ the whole Dog and Pony show from behind the scenes are tryin’ to take and dictate our democracy down to the Authoritarian ground.”
“Trump agitated them into attackin’ Our beautiful Capitol Buildin’ in Washington D.C. screamin’ ‘Hang Pence !’ ’Get Pelosi !” ’Get AOC !’ !  ‘The Insurrectionist Mob of January 6th tore up all of the offices they could get their irrate hands on ! They broke out windows ! Knocked down doors ! Killed and Beat Up members of Our Great Nation’s Capitol Police !”
“If a handful of Brave Men and Women had not manipulated that Mob the way they did, that Dreadful Day could have, and would, have ended quite differently.”
“Those Insurrectionists need to found out and be brought out into the Sunlight for all to Behold and Face the Music to and with !”
“Maybelle, they were just protestin’…..”
“Stop ! Stop it right there Hank ! I will not allow any Prevarications of the Truth within the Sacred Space of this Chicken Coup. I always come here in search of the Truth. The Truth and a little Piece of Peace and Quietude ! Let’s continue this conversation while walkin’ through the pasture to check the fence line. That’s on my the List of Things To Do today.”
“Alright, sounds good to me. Mr. Durkowski called me about our bull gettin’ through the fence to go after his bull the evenin’ before last. It appears that C.C. Conrad gave his old Angus bull a run for his money,” Hank chuckled.
“On second thought, let’s take the pick-up, Hank. The tools we’ll need to Mend the Fence are in the Tool Box in the backseat,” Maybelle suggested.
“Sounds good to me. It must be gettin’ close to that Climate Changin’ 100 degrees or more your always goin’ on about out here anyways,” Hank replied ruefully.
As Maybelle drove the old Ford pick-up down the Family’s property’s fence line, Hank looked at his wife gently and said, ”Maybelle, I’m sorry if I upset you and your Chickens in that Chicken House of y’all’s. It seems as though you and I can’t have much of any kind of conversation these days without endin’ up in some kind of argument of one kind or another. I’d like that to change.”
“I love you Hank. Always have and probably always will…”
“Probably ?” Hank asked with a sideways grin.
“You heard me. And you are the Father of our Precious Children and their Precious Children. That’s why I am tryin’ to wrap my head around how you of all people could Vote for Hammerheads like Abbott and Patrick, and those other Yahoos of their ilk.”
“Hank, they have no right to diminish any Texan’s or American’s Sacred Right to Vote. If We the People need to arrange for, and pay for more Votin’ Locations and the Certified and Verified Honest Local Folks it takes to run them so that the lines to Vote won‘t get so outrageously long and time consumin‘ to get through, then so be it. If the Elderly and Dis-abled need to Mail-In Vote, then so be it. If folks don’t want to mess with the weather and want to Drive-In Vote, then so be it. If the folks that run the Voting Locations want to feed and water the folks in line to Vote, then so be it. If folks want to meet at Churches and then drive in Groups to Vote, then so be it. If folks want designated days off of work to Vote, then so be it, and a hundred other reasons why Our Leaders and Our Communities should make it as Easy as American Pie Possible for EveryOne to Vote, then so be it ! That’s the Constitutional American Way and Means to get things done !”
“Our brave Texas Legislators, and the folks who are supportin’ them like Beto O’Rourke and ’ole Willie Nelson while they’re out of state, so that Abbott and his Anti-Democratic Coup Brothers and Sisters-in-Arms can’t arrest them and force them to Vote against our Democracy’s Sacred Right to Vote, are True Patriots ! They are Doin’ and Bein’ the Jobs they took an Oath to Uphold for the Positive Betterment of Our Great State and Our Great Nation !
“Then so Be It !” Hank shouted and laughed-out-loud.
Maybelle laughed outloud, too. “Hank, I love it when you remind me why I love you as much as I do !”
“Me, too, Honey Bun, “ Hank said, with a wide grin. “And looky here, Maybelle. I think we found the place in the Fence where the two Bulls came to loggerheads.”
“How about you hold the barbed wire while I tack it back onto the cedar posts ?” Maybelle asked as she stopped the pick-up and put the emergency brake into place.
“Sounds like a Bi-Partisan Plan to me, Honey Bun,” Hank nodded in agreement as they both laughed at themselves and the times they found themselves livin’ in and through.

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