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Claims All On Claims All On
by Saloni Kaul
2021-07-16 10:47:24
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To get something we want some of the time
Is alright, like extracting treasures, mining gold from mine,
That adds to the occasion’s glamour, value prime,
Because of its prize rarity and qualities classed fine.
But to expect to reap procure everything we aim for,
All of the time for days on end all at a height
Is quite absurd, like milking cow lifelong at your back door,
Extending forever above correctness our birthright.
But to get nothing none of the time, like jinx plain,
Especially when you’re highly deserving of a win ,
Is out of the question, to be treated with sheer disdain,
Simply not going to be any longer on.
When told off once, bear with it, await turn for fame!
If pushed unfairly to that one extreme, then stake your claim.


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