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Discerning Discerning
by Saloni Kaul
2021-06-29 09:11:50
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Speaking up for others is grand, worthy and noble,
Indeed high public speaking in itself is quite an art!
How they in taking the part of others, feat or foible,
Wheedle, cajole, aim to convince heart or tilt cart!
Performers  actors have so long identified most strong
With character they so endeavour to depict,
Empathising wholesome total in right or wrong,
Forgetting selves living parts like one mouthing edicts.
Bear that in mind when you evaluate that worth
Of spokesman that reels off virtues, icing the cake.
If he does so as though it’s all his job on earth,
Make it yours to tell true speech from false fake.
Too big for his boots, spearheading the deal,
A spokesman could be but a spoke in the large wheel.



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