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The Perverse Positive View Of Covid-19 The Perverse Positive View Of Covid-19
by Jan Sand
2021-06-26 09:23:22
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To say the least, the concept that an outright horror such as Covid-19 is both masochistic and sadistic seems to be quite true is something provoking trepidation in any person who tries to be decent and respectful. But it is also an area that is most necessary to explore in a world where human civilization has entered social interactions that must be faced energetically and with all the rational intellect our gifted species must muster or face a high probability of extinction. To ignore this mounting threat is to openly throw away a vitally necessary opportunity to accept the possibility of succeeding to survive.

con00001_400The natural success of any species is rooted in the understanding that the combined dynamics of all the forces of the universe acting upon any form of life is immensely variable over time and has no morality – it is motivated neither positively nor negatively although either direction can be temporarily assumed for survival within any particular situation.

At an advanced age I personally must face that final non-survival as a realistic absolute, but the quite odd miracle of being alive is still very positive for me as it should be for anybody at any age.  We are each gifted with the most amazingly complex machinery of a living body and this holds true equally for humans as it does for lobsters, honeybees, polar bears and hippopotamuses.

All species appear and vanish quite regularly throughout the history of planetary life, a normality of the existence of any species, and humanity is no exception. What is wryly amusing is how, currently, humanity seems so eager to disinvent itself as it is now in the process of making a good many other life forms obsolete. Out of this seems to be appearing  several very clear and very destructive agencies indicating that humanity must very quickly change the fundamental ways it deals with the world  or it will join the T Rex in oblivion. Although this must be accepted as a dire threat it is very useful to view it as an instructor to quickly learn to stay alive.

The 21st century has initiated very many new possibilities of social earthquakes in innovation, in information, in novel ways society can entirely modify itself to see to it that this mother planet of us all remains a place where life processes function efficiently and beneficently for our species and the many other species upon which we are all interdependent. The time is very short to see that this transformation comes about, and, to a quite amazing degree, humanity is failing to respond properly to the necessary challenges.

The prime active forces of nature know nothing of what humans label as good or bad. The only effective actions that nature responds to are intelligence and stupidity. Humans are a very varied collection of people and organizations, some of whom are marvelously bright and a very large number who are most peculiarly and intensely stupid, plus many who are callous and malevolent. In today’s world Covid-19 is one of the forces which is openly demonstrating that acting intelligently raises the probability of surviving but acting stupidly  makes it likely you will get sick and die. These are hard lessons but there are no absolute guarantees either way. The infection is a cruel instructor.

To grasp that terrible times are not meaningless threats but instructive lessons with harsh punishments to enforce necessary and rational change is not at present driving those in power to make those changes quickly enough to save civilization and the ecology. Knowledgeable experts on the planet’s condition are being ignored on the ignorant assumption that the previous status quo can be regained. It cannot and will not. The future will be very different and whether it is a catastrophe or benevolent in very different ways is critical to our current reactions and, at the moment, optimism is extremely doubtful.

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