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Chestnut Tree Chestnut Tree
by Nikos Laios
2021-06-24 08:11:03
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Under the boughs
Of a chestnut tree
An old man sat cracking
Nuts and watching the world
Pass by in the solitude
Of a cold autumn

forest_02_400The wind scraped
The leaves under
A dark grey sky,
And the earth
Was in mourning.

Spring and summer
Had died and the memories
Of those warm summer sunsets
Seemed distant in the biting cold,
And a solitude fell on the earth
To purge and redeem
Lost souls to the clanging
Sounds of church bells
In the distant town square,
And the day slowly faded
Into the night and the peeling
Wooden shutters were all
Closed to the outside world.

The dark silence
And stillness of the night
In warmly lit rooms
Were punctuated by ticking
Clocks and rustling pages,
Frowns and secret fornications,
And the vacant faces stared out
At the bleak landscape
Through gaps in the shutters
Watching dry leaves swirl
Around in eddies across
Cold paving stones
Under incandescent
Street lamps.

It was the time
Of penance
And redemption,
And they waited
Huddled in dark
Corners for the
Coming resurrection,
As the world slowly


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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