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Our Humanity Our Humanity
by Nikos Laios
2021-06-20 08:36:28
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Bacon and eggs
Pop and sizzle in the pan,
An old rock song fills the
Room crackling from a radio,
The aroma of coffee beans
Floats through the kitchen.

metropolis_1_400The metropolitan sounds
Of the city below can be
Heard through an open window;
The stomping feet of pedestrians,
The honking car horns and the
Roar of the city streets.

An open newspaper
On the kitchen table
Heralds news from
Around the world;
Bloodshed in
The middle-east,
Genocide in China,
Homeless refugees,
Gun violence in the US,
The dictates of the woke.

I screwed up the newspaper
And chucked it in the bin,
The world is filled with
Such conflict and pain,
But I was anaesthetised
And disgusted by it all.

Fed by a constant diet of media,
And with a loss of a sense of
Community we had lost our empathy,
And only our immediate personal
Concerns mattered now.

The truth of it all was that
We swam in darkness,
We thirsted for the light,
We prayed for salvation,
We yearned for love
And hoped to feel human again;
To cry, to laugh, to care.

The modern world seems
To have submerged the
Human soul and we need
To find it again if we
All hope to survive
Together on this small
Small blue globe
Floating in the black
Nothingness of space.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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