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Four types of parenting Four types of parenting
by Joseph Gatt
2021-07-12 08:35:39
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Putting things simply, there are four types of parenting: friendly parenting, passive parenting, passive-aggressive parenting and aggressive parenting. Let me break those down for you.

Friendly parenting

Friendly parenting basically means that you give your children the same attention you would give your best friend.

That means asking children how their day went, what they did in school, which their friends are, if they have any homework. And chatting a little bit about future plans, playing games together, learning stuff together, going out, hanging out and watching movies together and so on.

So this friendly parenting thing is not just a one-day thing. It's continuous, goes on for a lifetime, and you never “lose touch” with your kids. You call them every day in college; you call them every day later in life.

parenhoo00001_400Passive parenting

Some parents live under the same roof as their children. And that's pretty much it. The kids are in their rooms doing their own thing; parents are in their rooms doing their own thing.

They might grab dinner together. Maybe not even that. Parents sign documents that need to be signed, but the parents “don't want to hear the story.”

Passive-aggressive parenting

So parents and kids live under the same roof. And they rarely interact.

But unlike passive parenting where it's all smiles and no talk. In passive-aggressive parenting children and parents avoid conversation together. But when they do talk, they tend to hint at weakness and aggression. They are not overtly rude to each other, but they say “leave me alone” and “back off” to each other a lot.

Aggressive parenting

So mommy or daddy are the generals and the kids are small soldiers. Parents can't tell those kids a sweet thing or two.

Parents yell at their kids, threaten their kids, call their kids names, “lecture” their kids about how they will fail at life and so on.

So parents and kids play a game of cat and mouse where the kids try to hide from their abusive parents.

Parenting is simple. What kind of parent do you want to be?

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