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Misconceived Misconceived
by Jan Sand
2021-06-16 08:58:35
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The problems of dealing with the current complexities of simple sustenance in a world deeply conflicted in the struggles of vast social and financial manipulations throughout society by the various factions involved, is currently driving the bulk of human civilization towards ends  that may well destroy us all within the near future of current lifetimes. The recent two centuries of human advancement in technology and theoretical comprehension of how humanity is imbedded within the possibilities of universal forces has structurally rebuilt much of the fundamentals of how people deal with necessities but there is a tremendous retention of very odd misconceptions of how humanity fits within the immense interpenetrations of humanity with all the other manifestations of life on this very obscure and irrelevant planet where we were created a very short geological time ago.  In what must be accepted as a geological instant our species has attempted to swerve all of life towards many human delusions of human purposes which directly operate to destroy the life fundamentals of the entire world. Human success in this insane conquest by those in charge of human dynamics who openly demonstrate their vast foolish and destructive ignorance of the basic necessities of both human and the bulk of other planetary life existence clearly indicates a critical lack of rationality by those social conglomerates now in firm control.

miscon0001_400The long human histories of cultural attempts to comprehend the integral nature of the mechanisms of human existence are filled with immense imaginative nonsense as to the importance of our species within the unimaginable dimensions and unknown and strangely misconceived interactions of the dynamics of a still mysterious universe. These odd and frequently comic shards of crude attempts to fabricate the nature of reality in supernatural terms is justly rejected  within the current successful  architecture of scientific comprehension even though very large odd delusions have established themselves within human societies that retain strong social power in world society. Much of the  traditional literature retained by these theological organizations as a basis for their foundational beliefs have only small confirmations in accepted histories, but they are fundamental in the theological  acceptances and questionings of their validity is frequently countered by brutally forceful reactions that suppress any attempts of rational analysis of beliefs.

The dictionary definition of  “myth” is a false belief, although the term is equally applied to a traditional story that has metaphoric significance that may or may not have historic value. There is no doubt that many religions adhere to value systems that have real social value but equally, these value systems are subject to the most strange and illogical and sometimes violently powerful socially damaging effects.  It can be an odd mix of sensible values and completely superstitious nonsense that has little rationality.

The human brain is acknowledged to be one of the most complex instruments biology has devised for dealing with survival. In necessary continuous confrontations a living creature must deal with in a chaotic life requires continuous correct assumptions to persist in existence.  So the brain must be a guessing machine that continuously fabricates sensible possibilities to choose the possibly correct reaction. The brain’s only source of information of the outside world are the structural  information supplied by DNA and the input from its sense apparatus. From these two fundamental sources each brain accumulates enough reliable information to construct its version of the universe which is labeled reality. As the individual matures within society, each variety of reality is slowly assembled in complexities to agree with experience and within the prejudices of local traditions.  As with other living species, despite the informational individuality that fabricates differences, humans are enough alike to form firm social groupings for community interaction which comprise civilizations of complexities of huge diversity. Nevertheless, persistent traditional hierarchic social divisions with small basis in logic or any other sensible value has crippled these civilizations from establishing societies that provide equably for the needs and desires of all its individual members. Over a period of a mere few recent centuries the traditional social hierarchies have permitted the constant distortion of wealth and power distribution so that most frequently a small sector of individuals with almost no empathy for the bulk of the population has conspired to direct most of the wealths of their civilization to themselves and cruelly impoverish the bulk of the rest of the community.  Currently, and to a large degree in most of human history, this self-selected minority has justified its wealth and power by characterizing itself as vastly superior to the general population but even a moderate evaluation of that character  clearly indicates its prime difference lies in fantasies of hubris and almost total neglect of fellow human respect and empathy. No doubt there are exceptions wherein extremely gifted individuals do attain great financial and social status but very frequently these individuals end as cheated from their deserved rewards  by organizations concerned only with financial power and organizational control.

The essence of a successful form of life is its grasp of the requirements its relationships to its ecology, whatever that may be, to foster its two fundamental drives to prosper and reproduce within the limitations of its environment. Current humanity has capitalized on its successes to the point that it has vastly exceeded the potentials of continued existence on its planet that has limited potentials to permit its fundamental drives to exist and reproduce to the extent it has achieved. This is a difficulty that frequently occurs and re-occurs within many species in the history of planetary life. The standard automatic solution that the ecology offers is the exhaustion of the necessities required to maintain the species resulting in the necessary elimination of much of the species to restore conformation of life on the planet to the limitations of the planetary potentials. There is nothing moral nor evil in the mechanics of existence, it is purely a matter of conformation to demands of  what is possible and what is not. Current human development has now reached a point wherein its excesses of interfering with the complex interactions that sustain much of life on the planet have so violated its essential processes that the total mechanisms themselves are ceasing to function and that violation is destroying the fundamental planetary interactions that are essential to all interlocked life processes. This is far worse than the failure of any specific species, it is destructive of the existence of life itself, and remedies for that take many millions of readjustment years to return to viability, if ever that may take place.

There are many very competent and highly trained individuals far more skilled and empowered than I am to understand and attempt to remedy the deadly processes in current society that are directing the immense failures of social energies that are inevitably empowering the ignorance and stupidities of those in planetary control to move towards the elimination of most life currently on the planet.  There is no secret involved in the immense current failure of vast amounts of the various forms of life interlocked in a world network to maintain life on the planet, and that rapid failure is proceeding at a pace that very soon will not only demolish all possibility of humans to provide themselves with life’s necessities but the resulting social conflicts empowered by the frightful emotions of those fighting to stay alive empowered with horrifying weapons of mass destruction can quickly demolish all possibility of reaching a sensible solution to worldwide chaos. The current international political tsunamis clearly indicate the reluctance of those in power to reasonably join in a united effort to return to a social worldwide atmosphere that is vital to even attempt the necessary cooperative solution in time to reconstruct a workable solution to attain planetary survivability. In a matter of a few decades, at most, the forces now at work will have made it impossible to rescue this disintegrating living planet and there is no indication of the existence of a social movement powerful enough to regain any real hope of life on the planet, not to speak of humanity, to defeat this final obliteration.

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