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Solidly So Solidly So
by Saloni Kaul
2022-03-08 07:42:40
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 All through life we’re riddled with extremes keen
Like towering highs and touching rock bottom
That render complicated thriving in between
If we take them to heart, like birthdays, eggs rotten.
The heights of bliss can be attained unsuspected ,
Bliss comes within reach, those heights all respected,
By the one least dazzled by diadem ,
Like windfalls at your door, salt lake deposits unexpected
In joyous mounds when you least count on them.
Plumbing the depths sounds cruel, masochistic,
Occasioned for catharsis (if you care an ounce),
Like ball hurtling downwards rapidly realistic    
Needs solid base terra firma off which it can up bounce.
So all along be totally true to yourself ,
Neither in awe of heaven, nor in fear of hell.



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