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Introducing Hossam Shaaban Introducing Hossam Shaaban
by Amir Khatib
2021-06-12 08:42:43
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An Egyptian playwright with three distinguished works, all of which speak about the current Arab situation in a symbolic and sarcastic manner; dealing with the crises created by the presence of an imaginary or a real enemy. Sometimes even in the form of a Muslim and so on...

ami0001_400Hossam is a promising playwright well-versed within his dramatic tools, as he knits his stories tightly without gaps or agape from other theatrical works. He tells his story in a smooth manner that occasionally reaches directness despite the fact that he uses symbolism to addressing his subjects.

In fact, I had the opportunity lately to read one of his three works, the play Mira Bahai, and write about it in my weekly column in the Independent newspaper. A beautiful play in which the writer plots and plays with black comedy. The story goes as follows:

There are two neighbouring countries living in safety, harmony and peace. The two countries exist only in the writer's creativity and imagination. Greedy people who love status, power, money and lust, enter between them and destroy what they can. But while they are in the acme of their destruction, a benevolent force intervenes the most appropriate time to fix what they have ruined.  This good force conquers the evil forces with good help and the life return to its course, as it was and as it should have been.

The play is fantasy mixed with a little reflection of the living reality in the Arab world; and this bitter reality, in which the writer sees hope for reform, is the same as the emancipation, freedom and aspiration for a better tomorrow.

ami0002Hossam is a writer in the beginning of his artistic life. I feel strongly for him, and I wish him all the success in his work and hi journey, which is not going to be without inconveniences, thorns and difficulties, but these will not dissuade him from his work because, as I said once back in 1989 and when I was in Pakistan: I'm like a bullet... only the future, no one, nothing, is standing in my way!

This is Hossam, in the beginnings of his beautiful and enjoyable journey, which he persists completing because he is worthy of it, because he can in ways he knows, he wants and he desires, because he is a talented person able to complete and wide transmit his message through the world of theatre, because the world of art calls for peace, love and fraternity between humans and Hossam is there to deliver.


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