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Right Stance Right Stance
by Saloni Kaul
2021-06-02 07:10:12
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While even those most honest and sincere mask facts,
The rarer the medium, the inroad’s denser;
Like near or far presence of tactical weaponry pacts
Only detectable by all-function radar’s staunchest sensor.
There’s little point in being all action and vigour,     
Aggressive in attitude like some bumptious few,
Quite ignorant of facing strength of bulwark or bunker.
If only thought strategic would come to their rescue!
Slender looking webs so deceive like elections they rig,
Are downright coarse when it comes to the crunch.
They’re capable of holding captive creatures big.
If suspicious do not enter, rely on your old hunch!
Avoid all confrontations, then put up a fight
Only in the event your stand is right !



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