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An introduction to a symphony of verses and colours An introduction to a symphony of verses and colours
by Thanos Kalamidas
2021-06-01 07:15:38
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silent_symphony_cover_400Ovi magazine is one of the very few online magazines that loves poetry and never felt shy to show it. Most of the days in our daily issue, poetry holds the second highest spot and it has become a shelter for poets, mature and newcomers, from all around the world.

Seven years after his first poetic contribution for Ovi magazine, Nikos Laios is not a newcomer anymore, he has spread his creative wings all around and he has already published his first short-story eBook with Ovi magazine.

And the time has come for his first poetry book, a symphony of words and colours since his poetry is joined by his digital painting explorations where the stylus intriguingly takes the place of the brush.

In this book, since his first, we also follow or better sense his evolution as a poet; his maturing in techniques and world-knitting. And while acknowledging his undoubted relent I have to admit that it is his evolution I find more fascinating and to make it clear, it is evolution not the expected maturing.

And just like I wrote in my intro for his book: Nikos evolved in poetry the same way a good red wine matures.

In this eBook you will find poems written over the last ten years, adjoined with paintings made during the same period. There is no chronological order intentionally, so you can enjoy the many sides of the poet without guidance.

Enjoy the reading.

You can download for FREE, the eBook HERE!

Thanos Kalamidas

P.S. Never forget, Nikos first eBook "Ida & Her Magic Camera", which you can also download for FREE, HERE!

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