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Red Bird Red Bird
by Nikos Laios
2021-05-26 08:55:00
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It was a long summer
And the sun glowed,
I sat in the back yard with a beer
And I watched the leaves
Gently fall around her hair;
red_crystal_400She was curled up in a ball
On a blanket covered in green
Under a tree sleeping,
Clutching a book
In her hand.

The pages fluttered
Open in the breeze,
And the red bird sang
And flapped its wings,
And the cage swayed,
And it looked at
Me with sadness.

It was our last summer;
I clutched a cold beer
And drank it all in
As beads of sweat
Trickled down
My cheeks.

She died the
Next summer,
And I sat in the
Back yard again
With a cold beer in
My hand staring vacantly
At the leaves falling on
An empty patch of grass.

The red bird sang
And flapped its wings
And looked at me with
A sadness that matched my own;
I opened the cage and let it go,
It was out last summer.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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