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Steel And Glass Steel And Glass
by Nikos Laios
2021-05-19 09:19:47
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The billowing flags
Fluttered on cold beaches,
With the dark grey clouds
glass_and_steel_400Scrolling, rolling over the
Shore and the city.

The empty streets
Cutting steel and glass
Buildings, and the trees
Lining the streets
Swaying and bending
In the breeze with
Dry leaves falling,
Scraping the

In circles
Like a dance;
I stared at the
Sky and empty streets
From my balcony and
Felt cleansed by the solitude
The city offered.

I preferred the cold city
Solitude to a warm
Suburban embrace;
There was nowhere
To hide, and my soul

Nourished and grew
By reflection among
The billowing flags
And scraping leaves
And empty streets;
And my thoughts
Flew and expanded
Over the city and shore,
Seething oceans, mountains and valleys,
Foreign lands and desperate hands,
Shining against steel and glass
Waiting for the morning sun.


Photo by Nikos Laios


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