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Is it me Is it me
by Amir Khatib
2021-05-17 08:40:05
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In a mirror inscribed "Don't look back",
 I saw a man with two eyes full of his face, and two gloating overflowing with estrangement,
  I don't remember seeing it before.
 Is this me?
 Can forgetfulness stop time?
 Do you revive memories?
 So why do we need timings:
 Sunrise, sunset, night, day,
 Summer, winter, spring, autumn,
 Birth, and death?
 What is the value of our misfortunes and joys?
 What is our need for immortality,
 If everything appears and dissipates as pictures in mirrors?

 I said to my mortal soul: Sing boy!
 As long as despair is everywhere even here,
 As long as the mirrors surround me,
 Reflecting my image and the chant of my song,
 As long as I am more than one temporary I multiply in mercury,
  As long as I and nothing are opposite sides,
 And I don't see my face in it ...
 I sang sadness, I sang torment.
 Every branch turned into a flute is being played in the fala,
 Every leaf throated,
 Every cave a horn blew,
 Almighty hymn the fields,
 The universe was filled with the scent of cinnamon and cloves ...
 I was everywhere,
 And no one else would watch and prey on me,
 And I was not someone else,
 And I wasn't even!
 ........ from "crystal islands"



The sculpture in the photo that acompanies the poem is Amir Khatib's creation.

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