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Talk All Tranforming Talk All Tranforming
by Saloni Kaul
2021-05-16 09:26:20
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Those obstacles that our paths do harrass,
At each turn rise of newest plot contrive,
Bring in line, override tactics crude crass
And from the whole only pleasure derive.
Bend with your charm and subjugate with will drastic
Even hard fast rules from Sydney to Perth;
Stretch them like plastic, rubberbands elastic,
As skirts of dresses all do with their girth.
Then that toughness excruciatingly thriving,
Transformed, to your advantage most immediate,
Sees you enlivened, rejuvenated, jiving ,
Flaunting your newfound mirth at times sedate.
Sweet talk all your opponents till they all calm
And have them eating straight out of your palms.



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