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Midnight missile thoughts Midnight missile thoughts
by Thanos Kalamidas
2021-05-13 08:31:31
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There is a plan and it is obvious for long time, the repression and eventually the extradition of all Palestinians from Jerusalem. For the founders of this plan the idea was that dominance of Jerusalem will somehow mark the absolute dominance of Israel into the whole land and satisfy the hardcore nationalists who represent the loudest voices in Israel.

And it has worked for most of 1970s and definitely of 1980s, mainly because Israel employed the full force of its arsenal that included not only the mighty Israeli Mossad, the air force and Special Forces but also the cunning lobbying in power centres all around the world but especially USA with media often participating. The Palestinians helped a lot at the time falling into the stereotype of the terrorist who doesn’t care of innocent life. Actually it was exactly the combination of lobbying a well strategized propaganda and Palestinian terrorism that kept giving points to all the Israeli effects where it counted.

ned001_400But all this started fainting in 1990s, mainly because photos of dead or tortured Palestinian children started reaching international media while the late leader of the PLO, Yasser Arafat, started talking all too often about negotiations, mutual concessions and peace. Neither 9-11 nor any other terrorist attacks that used the Palestinian cause as an excuse for their crimes, manage to strengthen the Israeli propaganda; you see it was the same period that internet came in our lives. And social media came.

Photos of hungry, ill and mainly dead children fulfilled our screens all around the world. Photos of angry and fully armed Israeli soldiers beating little kids reached us. Photos of shot mothers reached us and grandparents crying over the bodies of children reached us. And you know what they say; a photo worth a thousand propaganda and lobbying effects.

Israel's cause, not able to survive this new reality, turned into the good old and well practiced methods, violence, oppression and worst of all eradication. There are no words to describe these acts unveiling in our screens in front of our eyes and despite radical elements in Hamas or other Palestinian organizations, the photos beat any excuse. They actually make every excuse look lame and hypocritical. And no, the one Israeli dead from a Hamas missile is not worth more sorrow than the tens of dead from Israeli shootings and missiles and air strikes. Human die and this is a crime per se, no excuse, no cause or fairness counts the loss of innocent lives.

Israel commits a crime this minute and sadly there are also the populist motives of one man behind this crime. Benjamin Netanyahu is finishing in Israeli politics under the weight of uncontrollable corruption and authoritarianism but he believes, in his very twisted mind, that a war can save him. For the sake of his survival on his throne Netanyahu sacrifices tens of human lives; Palestinian and Israeli. And he should know, history has taught all of us especially Israelis and in just too many ways that in the end the bill always comes.

Now, this is one guilty conscience but it seems that there are more guilty. At the moment it is just a whisper but it seems that it is building up with a lot inside and outside Israel looking for proof. The whisper has to do with motive. Who’s going to profit with this entire situation that firstly damaged the relationship Israel tries to build with the Arabs? Who’s going to literally profit if Egypt withdraws from the gigantic commercial agreements with Israel as a measure against the violence against the Palestinians? Who’s trying for long time to use the Palestinians as an excuse to put a foot into Gaza? Please have a wild guess; Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Turkey’s authoritarian president. And if rumours, suspicions tie with proof and he is involved then the bill and pay will be far too high for him especially under the circumstances. Because if Netanyahu has corruption problems, Erdoğan is the essence of corruption in Middle East. And with everybody against him, he will definitely pay!

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