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Inevitability Inevitability
by Amir Khatib
2021-05-12 07:56:08
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It is inevitable,  after sixty years,
 And my eyes are on the ground,
 Search the forest,
 Among the bushes behind the humps,
 Under the volcanic rocks,
 In the dark rottenness,
 In the haunted caves,
 Between the stems of an earthen mushroom,
 Under my horny nails,
 I must stumble
 On a wind skull,
 Empty of memory,
 Speculate on me.
 In the cursed cities,
 In an abandoned library,
 I have to find soft dinosaur skin.
 Sew a winter coat ...
 Or find a moon egg among the books,
 What is in it other than a little sun with yellow fluff,
 Or tender turmeric root!
 After sixty years
 I have to find something other than my fingers!



The painting that acompanies the poem is Amir Khatib's


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