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Thoughts All Forthright Thoughts All Forthright
by Saloni Kaul
2021-05-07 08:06:36
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How many times do we seek so at the highest
Their thoughts opinions on matters of our concern
As though age or position makes them much the wisest,
Able to take stands, magically matters discern.
From others we derive constructive counsel,
Deliberate, ruminate over, as we ought,
Keen as lover from charming damsel, Gretel from Hansel,
And oft reach tame consensus on that second thought.
In keeping with their status high they shape the state
Of mind; heedful advertent, us all they alert,
Inadvertently, they climb at accelerated rate
And many a guarded secret we readily blurt.
Involunt’ry voluntary through our mind they stream,
So Yamini we think forthright and so we dream.



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