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Open-air exhibition Open-air exhibition
by Amir Khatib
2021-05-02 08:26:50
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I did not get a chance to display my paintings, I did not find a suitable place for them, and I was unable to agree with a financier for the exhibition, but through an angel, a broker, I met him in a bar, and he was drunk, I was able to win an open space in Heaven; Free, without conditions, taxes, and advertising costs, and he is responsible for my transfer, me and the paintings, on his wings, and hanging them there in the void without strings, nails or wooden partitions, and he guaranteed their safety from rain, wind, sun, theft, and fire, in addition to this, promoting them.

The opening ceremony was invited by Whoever, the residents, who will soon take up residence, and all the beings of Heaven who have been waiting at the door for ages.

amir0001_400In the foreground, the angels entered, led by a soft, smooth angel, who was walking roughly and shaking his buttocks, raising a banner decorated with a rainbow, similar to the banner of homosexuals. Demons, jinn and goblins followed them, then people, birds and animals, and what Paradise expanded from traumatic creatures. On the hill overlooking the place, a group lined up playing trumpets, banging drums and cymbals, and tapping the tambourines, as if they were in the procession of the Abbasid caliph, and I remembered the Maqamat of Hariri, and what Al-Wasiti drew in his manuscript.

Most of the visitors were luminous, including crystalline, gelatinous, metallic and other objects of cloth or the like, and I did not see anyone I knew. And as the pledging angel told me, there were those who had never seen an art exhibition in their lives and had never known an artist before, and this was my first greatest achievement.

That my works arouse the curiosity of those who have nothing to do with art, so I thanked the angel.

I was completely neglected, as if I did not exist, so I chose a faraway place where I could observe the situation; They were discussing and the discussion raged between them, lamenting and laughing at times, pointing to details in the paintings, whispering, and winking, but I did not understand the reasons for their neglect of me, then chaos reigned and their agitation escalated and went out.

Until the last of them left, my friend came flapping his wings with exaggerated joy, but no match for my joy of being empty.

“You are a lucky man,” said the Angel-Realtor.

"Where is my luck?" I asked him.

"Your paintings will remain here forever and ever, as it is the first art exhibition since the opening of heaven."

"What is my profit in this? I have spent my heart's blood on her, and a back-breaking expense is waiting for me, so who pays me?"

“You have won Heaven and you will remain eternal in it,” he answered me with great astonishment.

"And whoever told you that I desire this, do you think that you gave me the Louvre Museum ... Please return my work, and return me as you came to me!"

“Sorry, my brother, because the gates of Heaven are only opened once in the life of the universe, and it happened that you are in it, and only two expelled have come out of it to this day. And I achieved it for you! ''

He knocked his head as if he was remembering something, and he said while stuttering, "What is this mole-lolover that you flaunt?"

Before he heard my answer, he flapped his wings and disappeared.


The painting that acompanies the story is Amir Khatib's

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