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Gaia, mother of all Gaia, mother of all
by Thanos Kalamidas
2021-04-22 07:54:57
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In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Eart
and one of the Greek primordial deities.

Gaia is the beginning, without Gaia nothing would exist. Not even the gods. And while all the other gods, on every part of this earth, have their less godly side with human faults and passions, Gaia is among all, the giving mother, a reference to birth and survive. Life herself.

eart003_400Gaia is also unlimited in space and time. Is not earthbound, her dominance expands through universe. Gaia is in Mars and Alpha Century, Gaia is where there is life and where there isn’t.

And then it is humanity. One of Gaia’s offspring and the worse of all. Spoiled and self-centred, an ungrateful brat exploring mother earth to the point of self distraction.

Please don’t be misunderstood, I didn’t suddenly decide to become mystic and experiment with a more lyric writing. It is just …frustration. The warship of mother Earth is in our beginnings, it is part of our being on this planet, on this life and we not just surpass it, we destroy it. We eat and breed from her flesh like cannibals without care as long we can satisfy contemporary greed.

And doesn’t matter what Greta Thunberg says, or better shouts, we dig deeper, we pollute more, we destroy kill. Even our own species.

And do you know what’s worst? We know that we have succeed. And the proof? In the real reasons we want to colonize other planets, Mars to start with. Yes curiosity is a motive, yes the need for adventure is a motive, yes exploration is a motive; but the real motive is fear. Is fear that with our actions we might have put an expired day on Earth and we are reaching for alternatives. For a …better life. For a life we can create ourselves avoiding crimes of the past.

Happy Earth day siblings of doom.

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