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Free Free
by Nikos Laios
2021-04-20 08:29:19
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The ferry chugged across
The harbour at night leaving
Behind a foaming trail,
As coloured blobs of light
Wobbled on the water from
The empty steel and glass buildings
Mingling with oil slicks and
Scraps of garbage floating
On the water.

dancer_400I walked out of
The bar for some
Fresh air and
Bumped into
Joe, a street bum
Who lit a fire in a
Rusted barrel
In the back alleyway
Preparing for the
Cold night ahead;
He turned and looked
At me with a blank face,
Then turned his attention
Back to the fire.

At that very moment
I thought about the
Jetliners that flew the skies
Crossing the world,
Camels trekking
The Gobi desert,
Fishing fleets
Harvesting the
Oceans clean,
And the bloodied
Children huddling
In rubble on
Tragic streets.

We all lived in
Desolate cities ,
On desolate streets,
In a desolate world;
Sucked souls on
Regular beats
Waiting for
A morning

I walked back
Into the bar
And ordered
Another double
Scotch, sat on
A bar stool and
Listened to the
Jangling chords.

I waited,
And courage filled
My soul like a sail;
I found and embraced
A madness and
Snapped the chord
And set myself free.

I slumped onto the
Bar stool, took another
Gulp of scotch and
Surrendered myself
To the incense wafting
Overhead and the babbling
Crowd and the jangling
Guitar chords vibrating
Through everyone;
As a warmth flooded
The room, and a liquid smile
Slowly spread across my face.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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