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World Cup Finals At MCG! World Cup Finals At MCG!
by Saloni Kaul
2021-04-16 08:28:51
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For semis’ winners in store at finals was a reversal!
With eagle-eye from vantage point on high
We cheered watching two mighty stalwarts tussle
Through staunchest ‘sixes’ squeals, wailed ‘clean bowled’ sighs.
The lights went on, tension at grounds electric,
A lofty six* sailed all the way to tallest roof,
(*one of Imran’s four in the match!)
Strong solid partnerships   score boosted brick by brick,
Tight was the field and this battle of wits no spoof.
Valiant innings stoutly booed or soundly cheered,
Excitement mounting could scarcely be quelled;
Your laughs governed direction in which match was steered,
All in the right spirit of sportsmanship upheld.
Though all but two, this much you could well sense
In ups and downs of game, what’s given precedence.


This first ever limited overs One day Cricket World Cup to be held in the southern hemisphere saw a virtual seachange, total overhauling so far as rules went. Day Night Match was introduced, you saw white balls, coloured uniforms/ clothing, rule changes, fielding restrictions alterations confused/bewildered us and  South Africa was brought into the limelight for the first time by fluke making  it to the semis and Pakitans by fluke to the finals. It was a great World Cup to be a part of and  two of the matches we attended ( Yamini at a year and a half)  had much that was memorable, the third wicket partnership of 139 (Imran’s last !) , score boosted by Inzamam(42/35) and Akram (33/19) who captured 18 wickets in the championship and wangled the 22 run victory by getting England all out for 227(Pak had batted 249/6), Rameez Raja’s 35 fours and Allan Lamb’s performance. I’ll always relive that excitement and nail-biting close when I re-read these sonnets!

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