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The multi-energy storage system The multi-energy storage system
by Joseph Gatt
2021-04-13 09:27:55
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In today's world, the problem with renewable energy such as solar and wind energy is that the energy can not be “trapped”. That is, if there are clouds that cover the sun, you have no more power. If there is no wind, you have no more power.

energ0001_400So solar and wind energy are those types of energy that are “instant” and that need constant sunshine to work. And that's why in Northern California, where the clouds made surprise appearances, there were sudden huge power cuts, when California once prided itself in being a global center for renewable energy use.

But imagine this system.

You have solar energy. So the sun heats the solar panels and that produces energy that keeps the turbo generator running to emit the voltage to the power lines to reach electricity consumers. And if there's no sun, the turbo generator does not generate energy.

But let's imagine a circular system.

The turbo generator uses solar energy to send voltage power to the electric lines, but also powers wind turbines which power other wind turbines, and the energy emitted to the wind turbines are strong enough to keep the wind turbines running for a few days (or a few months) that way, if there are clouds or rain or God decrees a plague where you will not see the light of day for a couple of weeks and imposes a 2 week-long solar eclipse, the wind turbines keep running for a couple of weeks and feeding the turbo generator, which keeps generating electricity via voltage to the power lines.

In sum, we won't be using kerosene. That's a good thing.

And this system is 100% renewable energy.

Sun powers wind. Wind powers wind. Other wind powers other wind. And those wind farms that, by “trading” wind energy with each other, can keep producing energy for several days or several weeks.

So you trap the sun, get the sun to power the wind, get the wind to eject wind to other wind, and this wind circuit gets to produce to “trade wind” with itself, enough energy reserves that there could be a solar eclipse for a month and we could still switch on our lights or use electric heating or electric stoves. In sum, the sun creates and powers artificial wind currents.  

This system should be tested.

If this really works, and works on a large scale, bye bye kerosene and fossil fuels, bye bye coal, bye bye bio fuels (because bio fuels in fact need a lot of fertilizer, and are not that good for the environment). And bye bye climate change.

Did I just solve the Global Greenhouse Emissions problem?

Sounds like an idea, ey?

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