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Blue Neon Sign Blue Neon Sign
by Nikos Laios
2021-03-31 10:54:47
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Why do fat white people
Use chopsticks instead
Of forks when eating take way
Chinese food in their dining rooms?

the_bright_lights_400Does it make them
Feel real?
Does it make them
Feel authentic?

Why do vegans
And conservationists
March in the streets,
Yet order home delivery
Pizzas, munch on kebabs,
And dump the pizza boxes
And used plastic packaging
In garbage bins that fill
Garbage landfills?

Why do anarchists rebel
And shout against the world,
Yet accept unemployment
Cheques casually without
Any guilt?

Why do politicians
Send troops marching
To their beat,
Forgive banks their debts,
Yet preach to the poor about
About free market forces
As they increase their taxes
Again and cut their benefits.

Why do religions
Preach peace
But practise war?

I ponder these
Questions under
A blue flashing neon
Sign while holding
A beer bottle
In a crumpled paper bag
Staring out through
Broken dirty blinds
At the married men
On dark street corners
Propositioning hookers,
As the pimps chew on
Their toothpicks,
Smiling at them.

A sour taste
Of disgust
Fills my mouth
As I ponder it all
Under a blue neon
Sign and consider
The lost beauty of
The world and
The ephemerality
Of our lives
As we sink further
Into our illusions
And lies.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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