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The Dawn of the DINO The Dawn of the DINO
by Bohdan Yuri
2021-03-27 09:04:15
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Yes, believe it! 

On the cusp of control, the Democrats have managed to develop a new variant of the political virus: “The DINO” --- Democrats In Name Only.

Unfortunately, this new variant, is prone to multiplying the frustrations of their fellow Democrats, who, like most parents dealing with adolescence petulance, don’t know what to do about this dilemma.

manc0001_400During Trump’s rule in the Senate there was usually only one Republican who tried to base his vote on mature moral principles, sometimes disregarding his party’s major voice. That was Mitt Romney --- The RINO.

While the Republicans held a solid majority, his dissenting votes, as in the impeachment, had no negative effect on his party’s rule. Therefore all of the Republican bills passed without any opposition. The Republicans stayed loyal throughout and Romney’s voice, while vilified by his own party, only served as a false hope.

Now, in the Democratic Party there is a Democratic version of the RINO by the name of Joseph Manchin III --- The DINO!

During Trumps’ rule, Joe was a lurking shadow in the halls of non majority rule. However, upon boarding Donald Trump’s coal bandwagon his votes often favored the Republicans’ wish list.

And in those minority days Joe’s fellow Democrats were without concern since those votes seemed logical because West Virginia was a Trump state with a Republican billionaire governor. Life on the political edge can be difficult.

Unfortunately now, when the Democrats have the opportunity to finally change the course of this country’s bleak and dangerous future one roadblock stands in the way --- Yes, Joe Manchin.

Strength, Courage, and Wisdom will he show it --- so far Joe Manchin is looking the wrong way.

Instead he’s still being sucked in by the trailing vacuum of Trump’s vacuous lust for power. Having favored Trump so many times, breathing the aura of The Rule, now Joe can finally taste Power’s intoxicating flavor --- Trump-Style. How else do you explain the hurt feelings reprisal on Neera Tanden.

And Joe is quickly becoming Mitch McConnell’s best friend for refusing to raise the minimum wage, lowering stimulus/unemployment checks, refusing to get rid of the filibuster,…? Manchin should switch parties if he can’t support his own in a time of great NATIONAL need!

In a country reeling from the pandemic and representing a state with a 16% poverty rate where an extra hundred dollars or two might mean that children can eat an extra week or two --- where does Joe Manchin get to decide how much a POOR family should get?

(And the irony will be opened in his next election when his Republican opponent will point out that Joe refused to give West Virginians the full amount of benefits.)

Someone should ask Manchin to live on an average West Virginia salary of unemployment checks, perhaps then politics can be set aside. Not everyone can be paid like the politicians.

Someone should pop his bubble and show him the poor side of West Virginia.

And perhaps more precarious --- how many more Democrats will follow suit on any other bills?

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