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Hot and Spicey
by Richard Berman
2007-07-26 04:31:49
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So they are coming back to bring a little more Spice into our lives and a lot more 'Girl Power' as they used to like to call it. Yes, all five Spice Girls will make a comeback to the radio airwaves with a greatest hits album and a world tour, what more could we ask for?

So what is the reason? Did they see how well Take That, the boy band, did on their comeback with a great single and album and many gigs? Or is it for the money? Well, Victoria Beckham does not need the money, Mel Brown now has Eddie Murphy to support her and the baby, Melanie Chisholm had a solo career and so did Emma Bunton, but the best solo career of them all had to come from Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell. But as the Spice Girls put it in their press conference, "They are making a comeback for the fans."

It makes me think that they do miss being in front of thousands of fans calling out their names, but do they miss singing, having their pictures taken as they walk out of their homes in the mornings and then followed around all day? Why would anyone want this, especially at a time when they are having babies or have had them? It is not just them that this will affect but also their families.

Geri was the first to leave the pop group, after, as the Press put it, 'a fall out' with the rest of the girls, but then she started a great solo career. I wasn't the only one thinking that she was going to be the next Madonna (I was wrong with that one), so what went wrong? She lost loads of weight, looked really good and had some great songs, but then it all went downhill from there.

Mel C also had a few hits and then it went downhill, while it was the same with Baby Spice and Mel B - Posh also tried to do it and is still trying to from this day on. Maybe the Girls think that because Posh and Mel B have some current fame in the USA that now is the right time to try and fill up their bank accounts a little more.

The girls are not as young as they were in their days as the Spice Girls, so I wonder what kind of market they are looking for with their new songs because the Girls were all about Girl Power; will they still be able to come across as the teen girl idol they once were.

Good luck to them and I am waiting to hear their new songs and to see what they are going to do to catch the hearts of their Fans once more.

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Paparella2007-07-26 13:51:27
The latest quote by one of the Spice girls by way of a challenge to our collective imagination: “We’re the reason bitches like Britney Spheres, Christina Gaguilera, and Jessica Simpslut even exist! Except we reached the top with just our natural girl power! Imagine if we were attractive!”

Simon2007-07-27 09:47:49
Zigga-zig-ahh! I guess if Take That can make a comeback then the Spice Girls have every chance.

Let's hope they aren't as gobby as last time...

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