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Internet Love
by Richard Berman
2007-07-23 09:29:31
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Feeling lonely, want a date, want to get married, or just fancy a one-night stand? It can be easier than you think. Whatever you are into there is a service offered to you via the Internet, for free or a small fee. Not so long ago all you had to do is pick up your local newspaper and find yourself a man or woman, but with the newspaper ads you did not get all the information on this person, you got the height, age and body size.

Today is a very different world of many companies earning big profits from online dating Internet sites, but one good thing you can find out a lot more information about these people from their profiles, so you do not waste as much time going on dates to see if these people are right for you. You can get a date by just sending a text message to a late night TV show; all this saves a great amount of time.

I said to my wife that if we were not together this is how I would go to get a date, especially after everything I went through in my teens to get a girl. It was hard work, every weekend going out to the pubs and clubs trying my best to pull a girl with whom to go on a date - it was heart breaking when you asked a girl out and got a big fat NO.

How easy is it today? Well, you go to a website, pay a fee, upload information about yourself, add a picture (from many years ago) and then you wait for an email to come. You can do this as many times as you like until you find the one for you and they find you. How easy.

I have two great friends that have done it this way and one has already got married this year and the other has just moved in with one another and they are all really happy. One of them met a girl from Singapore - how would that have happened if not for the Internet, unless he spent loads of money to go there and find her, but he has now found the right one for him. So it worked out for them.

I also have one lady friend who is always complaining that she never gets dates and would really like a man in her life. The amount of times I have told her just to try the services of the Internet, but she is still not sure it is the way for her to go. She says she does not know why she does not try it; there is just a thing that always stops her from doing it.

I know that there is a dangerous side to Internet dating, but I think you just have to be very wise and pick your date in a safe place and don't give out telephone numbers, addresses or extra personal information until you feel happy and safe about the person.

The great thing has to be you may never have found this person without the Internet, what are the chances of walking into a night club and finding a lady or man that loves the same hobbies, holidays and nights out that you do. It must be hard to go out with someone that likes swimming three times a week when you like going bike riding. I believe if you both enjoy the some things the relationship is sure to work.

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Paparella2007-07-23 15:08:19
Love on demand? What happens to Romantic love?

Here is the latest on internet dating making the rounds: a woman applies for an on-line date and under comments writes: "Not interested in income, social status, background, just in a morally upright man." A man also applies and writes: "Not interested in good looks, just in an intelligent woman." The computer matches them with this comment: you have one thing in common: you are both compulsive liars." Who said that computers could not be discerning?

Clint2007-07-23 21:05:16
Love on the internet! Isn't it great when two people 'click'.

Richard2007-07-23 21:40:53
good one

Chris2007-07-24 02:50:35
I wonder if we could set up a place on OVI -- "Date the author." Anyone who likes you enough to read your articles might be worth the time for a cup of coffee, or something else.

Asa2007-07-24 09:57:48
Which of our authors did you have in mind?

If anybody wants to chat directly to any of our authors, please email me at asa@ovimagazine.com and I will check with them to see if they would be interested in chatting.

Don't forget to invite Ovi to the wedding though!

Richard2007-07-24 20:03:43
Did you give outg my email address, I am getting some strange emails in the last couple of days

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