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Colours Colours
by Nikos Laios
2021-03-16 10:33:54
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We live in colours,
Under a blue sky
And a yellow sun
Warm and bright
That gives life
To the world.

lifeforce_400We live in a world
Of textures and hues:
Under a dark velvet sky
With twinkling stars  
Fixed to the night heavens
Like a flashing peacock’s tail,
A luminous moon casting silver
Threads of light falling
And playing on the
Midnight sea
Like the hair
Of some goddess.

The world revolving
With the seasons
Bright with the colours  
Of the rainbow:
The warm sunsets
And awe-inspiring sunrises
That takes the breath away,
The spring colours
Of green fields
And bristling peaks,
Orange and pink flowers
Blowing in a soft breeze,
The glorious gold, grey and chocolate
Colours of autumn and winter
Under a howling wind.

We live on a small blue world
Shining in the blackness
Of space that is bereft of colour,
And here on this precious earth,
This small blue dot,
The only place
In the whole of creation
Alive with the colours
Of an aquarium that
Contains the only
Seeds of life.

We live on a precious
World of colours,
A place of creation,
A place of life,
An iridescent
Shining brightly
Like a beacon
In the black
Of space.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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