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The globalization of Police Brutality The globalization of Police Brutality
by Thanos Kalamidas
2021-03-15 11:15:28
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March 15 marks the international day against police brutality, repression and criminalization and police forces all around the world have decided to celebrate it by brutally attacking peaceful demonstrators, repressing fundamental human rights and criminalize innocent citizens.

poli001_400In Myanmar the police kills people, in Greece the police tortures people, in China the police criminalizes people, in UK and USA the police repress people. And while Myanmar has a military dictatorship what’s the excuse for the Greek or the British police?

Police and governments in non-Myanmar-dictatorial states excuse brutality to the …pandemic – if that could make sense – the same time the rest of the police brutality iceberg has surfaced. Racism, prejudice and discrimination. The police in ‘democratic’ countries like Greece has criminalize ideology, anything away from a far right nationalism is considered …crime and excuse for arrests and torture inside police stations. In USA black is the excuse and murdered George Floyd the witness.

The riot police attacked in the most murderous way beating without discrimination families and kids in a middle class neighbourhood of Athens, arrested and imprisoned 12 years-olds and sexually harassed underage arrested teenage girls. In London the police attacked and brutally beat people who were participating in a vigil for a young woman slain by a …policeman. In Myanmar police doesn’t need a pandemic or a vigil as excuse to kill.

And while I might sound a bit aggressive you only have to check the news to understand that there is something seriously wrong with the police forces all-around the world at the moment and we all have to do something about it. That there is something wrong with governments all around the world and their turn to authoritarianism. That there is something wrong with democracy today, it’s seriously wounded and coronavirus has absolutely nothing to do with it.

After poverty, police brutality became global and oddly the only thing that never really managed to globalize is economy. The problem with police brutality has risen so much that it also demands a global reaction. It is time to remind police that the citizens are only the ones who pay their salary but they are the ones they sworn to serve and protect. And till this minute they have failed. Globally!







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