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Fin Elegy - Epilogue Fin Elegy - Epilogue
by Christos Mouzeviris
2021-03-14 11:34:57
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Isabella Rodriguez arrived late to work this morning. She stayed up all night to care for her baby daughter who was burning with fever. Still exhausted by the lack of sleep, she waited until her sister dropped by to mind her child, as she rushed to catch the bus.

Upon her emergence to the hotel, she encountered a stressed receptionist, Charlotte. The blonde bombshell reprimanded the short and tubby woman, before she handed out a list with her chores and rooms she needed to attend.

chapter_6__render_400“Oh my God, Isabella! We are so busy this morning. You have to clean Room 22 first, as the previous occupiers have checked out and I need it ready as soon as possible please. The next guests have arrived already, and they are waiting across the street,” pompously she addressed her, as she pointed with her silver pen towards the pub, in which her next customers were, drinking.

-Okey, Okey, I am so sorry. I told you, my Maria was sick yesterday and she kept me up all night. I am going to change now, and I will have the “22” ready as soon as possible. It won’t take long, only yesterday I attended to it.

-Oh, could you knock on Room 19 door please as you go upstairs. I tried to ring him, but he does not answer the phone. Maybe he is still asleep or is ignoring me. He knows it is check-out time already. I hope he is not drunk and passed out. I could not cope with another one of these cases this morning.

“And why are you complaining? I am the one who cleans up the mess, not you,” Isabella replied with sarcasm, as she stood at the bottom of the worn-out staircase, looking back towards Charlotte with a sardonic grin.

“Isabella, just go,” replied the receptionist, avoiding eye contact with her. She then resumed polishing her long, red, fingernails.

The housekeeping lady, then huffed and puffed to the second floor. The lift was not working still. As she strolled through the beige, dusty, gritty walls and corridors, she stopped outside Room 19. She knocked once briefly and loud, then paused, waiting for a response.

However, she failed to get a reply. All she could hear was the urban noises, reaching her through the cypress green, wooden door. She persisted banging on it, as she now called out to the room’s resident. “Good, morning Sir, housekeeping! It is check-out time, could you open the door please?”

Perplexed by the silence, she proceeded repeating her pounding and raised her voice. “Sir, I will open the door and come in now, I just need to check you are alright in there.” She shook her head and exhaled, as she reached for the room keys in her robe’s pocket.

Isabella then slid the key into the lock and turned it slowly to the right. She cautiously pushed the door open, before peeping her head into the room. The stench of alcohol and body odour, mixed with the scent of cigarette butts, was overwhelming. But it was not the first time she had to clean after drinking guests.

The view of a naked man lying on his back diagonally onto the bed, sank between the fluffy white pillows and with only the bedsheet around his waist, was something she was not encountering daily though. His arms and legs were spread across the mattress, with his left foot poking out.

There were empty bottles littering the floor around the bed. The window to the left of the bed was shut, with the curtains pulled wide open. The bathroom light on the right was still on, pouring its luminescence into the room through the open door. In addition, the extractor humming sound was breaking the silence, originating in the lavatory.

On top of the bedside cabinet, she saw a variety of pills, liquor, cigarette packs and butts, an empty cracked glass next to the full ashtray, and a small paper bag. The latter was rolled open, revealing more unspecified medication in its contents. The man appeared to be sleeping, his eyes were closed but his mouth was half open.

“Oh, Dios mio,” she whispered with a shaky voice, which expressed panic, fear, and shock, as she signed the cross over her chest with her right hand. She immediately rushed in a jittery state, to the corridor’s internal telephone device.

“Charlotte, please send señor Richard to Room 19, right now!! And call an ambulance immediately. Oh, Dios mio, I believe the man in there is dead,” she shrieked, as her body was shaking with anguish.

Richard, the middle-aged owner of the small hotel, rushed from his office located behind the reception, to the second floor. He burst into the room, bypassing Isabella who was standing at the door, sniffling and praying, still in shock.

He approached the man and placed his ear over his mouth. “He is still breathing, he is alive. Oh, thank God he is still alive!!” He said in relief. He then pulled the sheet halfway up to the guest’s chest, covering his body. “The ambulance will be here soon. Relax Isabella, he will make it.”


The paintings: Belladonna in the Cover and Render that accompanies the text, are Christos Mouzeviris’ creations.


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