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Fairy Penguins All Enchant Fairy Penguins All Enchant
by Saloni Kaul
2021-03-17 10:42:09
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Men, women, children caged in, toeing strict the line
As setting sun’s emissaries the waters wade;
That typical streaming beacon’s the daily sign
For start of Summerland Beach’s Penguin Parade.
In from high seas, laden with sheer bounty itself  
Onto the gold sands these coated creatures tumble,
Falling flat on full stomachs, they upright themselves,
In comic yet stately array launch their waddle.
O’er boardwalks we tail as straight to burrows they hobble
And laugh cry sigh as we peer into their lifestyle!
As they belch out all that they’ve intact gobbled
Day long, to feed their baby penguin chicks in style.
The Northerlies spell calm, the southerlies storm  choppy seas;
The Phillip Island penguins all perform, enchant with ease.



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